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Council President Krekorian’s Statement on Verdict in Mark Ridley-Thomas Trial Mark Ridley-Thomas has been convicted of multiple felonies following a trial on the charges described in the federal indictment of October 13, 2021. I am deeply saddened that a career of extraordinary public service and achievement has been brought to a close in this way. Mr. Ridley-Thomas leaves behind an irrefutable legacy of leadership, activism and effective policymaking that have shaped our city, county and state. While the federal legal process is continuing, and Mr. Ridley-Thomas may choose to pursue his right to appeal, his office nonetheless has now become vacant as a matter of law as
provided by Section 207(a) of the Charter of the City of Los Angeles.

While charges against Mr. Ridley-Thomas were pending, the Council appointed Heather Hutt to hold the office of Councilmember for District 10 “for so long as the temporary vacancy continues to exist.” Because the vacancy of this office is no longer temporary but is now permanent, Ms. Hutt’s temporary appointment is no longer in force and the Council must decide what action, if any, to take to address this vacancy.

The people of the 10th District deserve to have seamless representation in the Council without further disruption and disenfranchisement. I therefore have appointed Heather Hutt to serve as caretaker of this office effective immediately. Pursuant to Section 409(a) of the City Charter, I will also call upon the City Council, at its next meeting, to appoint Ms. Hutt to hold the office of Councilmember for the 10th District for the
remainder of the unexpired term.